Snow is guaranteed on this ski resort thanks to its northern exposure for the whole season. 60 snow cannons and 8 ratraks guarantees snow on 40% of the slopes. Puy is compact, cheap and has the best compromises among the French ski resorts. Slopes for the kids can be found in the center on 1600 meter. Advanced skiers and snowboarders can take 1350 meter difference of level and 7 kilometers distance from the top (La Pendine) to 1400 meter height. There’s a brand new park with various elements and jumps in Puy. Between 1150 and 2600 meter there are many possibilities off the piste to try freeride, for example Col du Bal just to mention the most popular one. Night skiing on two lighted slopes and skating is possible till 6 March 2012. For ski-runners a 40 kilometer long field was established between 1400 and 2000 meters. Next to it a 35 kilometer long hiking trail can be found. There are three ski schools, two „nurseries” and a mini club for the kids.

Height: 1400 -- 2750 meter
Height difference: 1350 meter
Length of slopes: 78 km, from which: 13  6 nyitva 13  2  slopes
Number of lifts: 11, from which: 7  4  
 Ski-running field: 40 km
Distance from Budapest: 1218 km