The Naturelle is a childhood dream in which the nature, sport and friendship play the main role.

The founders of the sport club: Gáspár Göncz and Zoltán Jávor started their sport career as flatwater kayakers. Later new sports came into their lives: rafting, waveski, slalom kayak, freeride ski and snowboard. They were inspired by the love and respect of nature and soon they gathered plenty of youngsters with the same point of view around themselves.

The love of nature, sport and freedom led to the creation of Naturelle Outdoor Non-Profit Sport Club. It’s aim is the popularization of whitewater rafting, winter freeride ski, snowboard and other close-to-nature sports such as flatwater kayaking, rafting, waveski, surf and yoga.

In recent years the Naturelle Outdoor NPSC became an exemplary community. Includes the organisers and instructors of the most valuable snowboard camps and provide room for not only the pros but for those lovers of winter sport who want to learn in perfect and safety circumstances.

The Naturelle Freeride Tour has been organised since 2005 by the sport club. This was the first competition where the applicants could try the freeride skiing in an organised and safety way where there’s no one but the nature. The lifestyle of freedom can be found in all other services, events and parties of Naturelle as well.

This special experience was spread year-by-year by word of mouth. Thanks to the breathtaking mountains, the fact of freeskiing and the professionalism of the Naturelle Team there are more and more applicants to the Naturelle Freeride Tour in each year. The place of the tour was Puy Saint Vincent, one of the most favourite ski resorts of the Hungarians in 2011.