Naturelle Freeride:

The competitors are scored by French IFSA judges along four different categories:

  • Choice of line
  • Continuity
  • Techniques
  • Controll

The competitors choose the line between the start and the end on their own. But if someone leaves the marked hillside they will be disqualificated immadiately. Everyone can show his/her own style through the jumps and fast turns.

Those competitors who chose the hardest part can get the highest score in the choice of line category.

In case of continuity the contestant has to go through the line with the less possible stops.

Techniques is one of the most important category where the point is the style and technical presentation of the competitor.

In the controll category contestants have to prove that they can control their movement and sport tools. This category will be scored in the strictest way.

Registration on the spot only with valid insurance.